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The Elmhurst Police Explorers program originated in 1982. Over the past decade the Explorers have seen more than 150 members participate in the program. We currently have approximately 20 members that are comprised of both male and female High School and College students from the towns and cities surrounding the Elmhurst area.

The Explorer Program is designed to provide opportunities for youths between the ages of 14-21 years of age to learn and participate in careers in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. This program provides excellent opportunities for young adults to gain knowledge about all aspects of law enforcement and be able to work closely with an outstanding local law enforcement agency.


Elmhurst Police Explorers place a large emphasis on youth leadership and responsibility. Our members will retain and carry with them a confidence and professionalism that will be beneficial in any future endeavor. In addition, members participate in police training, service to their community, explorer competitions, character development, physical fitness, and learn good citizenship.

The Elmhurst Police Explorers have the opportunity to train with actual police officers and learn basic introductory aspects of law enforcement. Events and Training topics include: 

State & National Competitions
K-9 & SWAT Presentations
Ride-alongs with Police Officers
Character Development
Youth Leadership
Community Service
Physical Fitness
Tours at Dispatch Center, Jail, Courthouse, Crime Lab
Parade and Traffic Control Assistance
First Aid & CPR
Team Building Activities
Military Drill & Marching


Police Seminars & Orientations including;
        ◊  Traffic Stops
        ◊  Arrest Procedure
        ◊  Building Searches
        ◊  Domestic Violence
        ◊  Crime Prevention 
        ◊  Handcuffing/Arrest
        ◊  Defensive Tactics

Social Trips including:

        ◊  Skiing       

        ◊  Water Park   

        ◊  Escape Rooms       

        ◊  Paintball

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